Travel Trip Journey: Wild Scotland

Wild ScotlandFor my second aerial film, entitled ‘Wild Scotland’, I wanted to showcase some of the wilderness this magnificent country has to offer. From the Highlands and Islands on the west coast to John O’Groats and North Berwick on the east I’ve captured just a fraction of the stunning wilderness which Scotland has to offer.

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Artist Draws Her Cat In 12 Different Styles From Disney To Tim Burton | Bored Panda

Julija K., an animation student in Germany who goes by Miyuli online, has created a fun series of images in which she uses her cat to explore different illustration styles. The cat, who remains nameless, goes through radical transformations as he (or she) turns into cats that could’ve been drawn by Disney, Tim Burton or even Dr. Seuss!

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The shadow of Paris hangs over Schengen –

Border-free travel has been one of the great practical bonuses for European citizens since the establishment of the Schengen zone two decades ago. It guarantees the free movement of people across 26 countries, in theory allowing a person to travel 3,000km from Poland to Portugal without having to show their papers once. But in the wake of Friday’s dreadful attacks in Paris, these once vaunted freedoms are coming under great stra

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A Very French Beef Stew

The Cutting Board Diaries

DSC_2888If you are like me, you have made what seems like hundreds of variations on beef stew; the classic tomatoey American version, a Korean version, Chinese, Irish, with beer, or with wine. It’s all done in the name of variety and the constant quest for new flavors to excite the taste buds. We do it in order to make dinner ever more interesting, because let’s be honest, if you only cook the same 5 or 6 meals and present them over and over again at some point they become lackluster and boredom sets in. This is not to say, as a cook you need to know how to cook a hundred variations on beef stew because you don’t. If you are like me though you are curious, always looking for upgrades, and it is nice to have some surprises in your back pocket when you need them.

While I call…

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