The Best Christmas Present

This is written by my good fried Ian Grice, go to his site to see many, many more.



Chapter 1 – The Ranch

Don sat on his apartment balcony watching evening traffic snake its way through the streets below. It was a rare experience for him to have time to do this as he was usually at work this time of the evening or tidying his desk to leave space for Ms Almeida the office cleaner to give his office her usual thorough clean overnight. She went about her business quickly and efficiently but had a smile for late workers and a greeting in heavily accented English when paths crossed. He’d passed her in the lobby wearing her trademark white overalls and wheeling a trolley as he exited the building and offered his usual pleasantries to door security.

He felt some affinity for Ms Almeida as in a sense they were both immigrants. She from a far country but he from the rolling plains of the mid-west where…

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  1. ianscyberspace · December 13, 2015

    Thanks Sue, yes we are good friends. Enjoy your Christmas with family and friends.

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