Avocado growers urged to embrace flies in orchards as key pollinators – ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A pollination expert says he wants to educate avocado growers about the role of flies and other insects in orchards, with the insects being just as important as bees for pollination.

Source: Avocado growers urged to embrace flies in orchards as key pollinators – ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Animals Affected by Climate Change | Magazine Articles | WWF

You You may have heard of a climate change risk assessment for a city, state or country—what extreme weather events it might experience, how global warming could impact its economy, or how changes in its air quality could affect people’s health. But have you ever heard of such an assessment for wildlife?

Source: Animals Affected by Climate Change | Magazine Articles | WWF

Hawaiian Ocean Reserve Now Twice the Size of Texas

Natural History Wanderings

President Obama just created the largest marine preserve in the world, a 582,000-square mile “no-take” zone: President Obama just quadrupled the size of a national marine monument off northwestern Hawaii.

Read National Geographic Story at Hawaii Is Now Home to an Ocean Reserve Twice the Size of Texas

Read White House Fact Sheet at President Obama to Create the World’s Largest Marine Protected Area

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The problem of climate boredom

Ketan Joshi

No one’s interested in the things I say. No one wants to listen to you, either. It’s cool, don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with us. Apathy is a pretty unsurprising component in which issues come to prominence in a society. We don’t care about something unless there’s a good reason to care.

Our default lack of concern about stuff plays a big part in why climate change hasn’t managed to carve out a serious chunk of public discourse in 2016. It played no serious part in public discourse during a recent referendum in the UK, in which the country voted to leave the European Union, and date, it hasn’t played any role in the uniquely insane 2016 US presidential election

The lack of climate discourse in these big, world-changing moments is closely linked to how much change we see in generation technology. Bloomberg New Energy Finance says it’ll take an…

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