Sabotaging America For Fun And Profit

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The Trump Administration seems to be on its way to becoming one of the more chaotic presidential administrations in modern times – if not in all of our history. The turmoil and rapid turnover in key positions on the President’s staff, as well as his remarkable penchant for making what many see as outrageous statements on Twitter and on camera, have ensured that he remains a topic of hot discussion in the media despite the fact that he is on an alleged 17 day “vacation” and Congress is in the midst of a month long vacation referred to a recess. Heads keep rolling (figuratively speaking), new revelations keep surfacing related to the various investigations being conducted, and international relations seem to be kept in an extremely agitated state – spurred on largely by a back and forth exchange of pleasantries (please give me some license for sarcasm here) between the…

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The Drone

If you are reading this then you must ‘follow’ Ian Grice. His stories are from the far East and home. He’s curious and a love.



Adam glanced up from unpacking as he heard a whirring sound in the garden. His Dad Thomas Andrews followed his son’s gaze.

“Those little fellows never seem tired hovering around the feeders do they son? They were probably one of the inspirations that prompted the creation of a drone.” He looked at his son fondly.

The humming birds darted, hovered at the feeders then with rapid movement to the side they lined up behind others for their turn at another feeder.

“They can empty those feeders in a morning and then hum around your Mom’s kitchen window to tell her they need more.”

Thomas squinted into the garden through the bright summer sunlight and smiled. Maria grumbled at them frequently, Thomas, Adam and the birds for causing her extra work keeping those feeders supplied. Thomas had told her to remove the feeders and she wouldn’t have to worry about extra…

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Another Day in the Army


1956 Soldier Ian

“Wakey wakey, rise and shine!”

John sat bolt upright on the cot as bright lights suddenly illuminated the barracks. There were muffled curses coming from beds as recruits propped themselves up and rubbed their eyes. They hadn’t long returned to barracks and checked in gratefully from night leave jumping into bed with the knowledge a bugle would have us out of bed at sunrise.

It seemed they were being awakened not long after midnight curfew and they’d just made it back and passed through a stern looking soldier at the check in desk on time. The night duty soldier was angry because he’d not been permitted to join on night leave at the city where the big dance at Cloudland was a magnet drawing all those on leave there. The night soldier was under discipline on duty and looking for some excuse to make someone else uncomfortable with citation and…

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