Another Day in the Army


1956 Soldier Ian

“Wakey wakey, rise and shine!”

John sat bolt upright on the cot as bright lights suddenly illuminated the barracks. There were muffled curses coming from beds as recruits propped themselves up and rubbed their eyes. They hadn’t long returned to barracks and checked in gratefully from night leave jumping into bed with the knowledge a bugle would have us out of bed at sunrise.

It seemed they were being awakened not long after midnight curfew and they’d just made it back and passed through a stern looking soldier at the check in desk on time. The night duty soldier was angry because he’d not been permitted to join on night leave at the city where the big dance at Cloudland was a magnet drawing all those on leave there. The night soldier was under discipline on duty and looking for some excuse to make someone else uncomfortable with citation and…

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