The Drone

If you are reading this then you must ‘follow’ Ian Grice. His stories are from the far East and home. He’s curious and a love.



Adam glanced up from unpacking as he heard a whirring sound in the garden. His Dad Thomas Andrews followed his son’s gaze.

“Those little fellows never seem tired hovering around the feeders do they son? They were probably one of the inspirations that prompted the creation of a drone.” He looked at his son fondly.

The humming birds darted, hovered at the feeders then with rapid movement to the side they lined up behind others for their turn at another feeder.

“They can empty those feeders in a morning and then hum around your Mom’s kitchen window to tell her they need more.”

Thomas squinted into the garden through the bright summer sunlight and smiled. Maria grumbled at them frequently, Thomas, Adam and the birds for causing her extra work keeping those feeders supplied. Thomas had told her to remove the feeders and she wouldn’t have to worry about extra…

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  1. ianscyberspace · August 20, 2017

    Thanks for the re-blog Sue. I enjoy writing. Curious I am, about all kind of things. lol

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