Global Warming’s Frozen Giant, Permafrost is thawing #auspol #qldpol #StopAdani

This is horrifying.


Global Warming’s Frozen Giant

Scientists are braving Arctic winters to study carbon frozen in soil.

They keep finding surprises — all of them bad.

Nala Rogers, Staff Writer

(Inside Science) — It was dusk when Nikita Zimov limped to the icy riverbank and its lifesaving supply of driftwood. He had pushed himself hard the last few exhausting miles, knowing that he would freeze to death if he didn’t find firewood before dark. He built a fire and huddled by the flames, trying to dry his sodden clothes as snow continued to fall. He peeled off one boot to expose his throbbing toe, and saw that the nail was bruised and broken from a day spent struggling across the tundra.

If it were summer, he’d have taken a boat upriver to his destination — a patch of Siberian tundra where instruments monitored the flow of greenhouse gases between air and soil…

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