New approach could boost energy capacity of lithium batteries | MIT News

Researchers around the globe have been on a quest for batteries that pack a punch but are smaller and lighter than today’s versions, potentially enabling electric cars to travel further or portable electronics to run for longer without recharging. Now, researchers at MIT and in China say they’ve made a major advance in this area, with a new version of a key component for lithium batteries, the cathode.

New approach could boost energy capacity of lithium batteries | MIT News

HAJAR (abandoned)


Hajar peeped out through a door crack in the hut she was being held in. She was beginning to respond to that name now though was aware it hadn’t been the name her mother called her. She didn’t know how old she was or the circumstances in which she’d been herded into a truck with these other women as her mother screamed while being dragged into a separate vehicle. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen her father.

The hut was in darkness apart from stray sunbeams penetrating cracks in this door or the boarded-up windows. Twice a day, men in uniform delivered basic food shoving it roughly into the centre of the room while others watching from the guarded door laughed as hungry women fought each other for whatever they could grab. Hajar had been taken under her wing by one of the women who appeared to be…

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