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The people of the state of Alabama deserve better than for the likes of a homophobic pedophile like Roy Moore to represent them in the US Senate. That Moore is not fit to hold that position was eminently true even before the recent revelations and accusations regarding his alleged sexual harassment/assault were brought to light by multiple women/girls ( one of whom was only 14 years old at the time of the occurrence.

Many high-ranking GOP elected officials came to agree with this assessment after the publicity surrounding the alleged unacceptable behavior began with a thoroughly researched article published in that bastion of establishment print journalism – the Washington Post. But even before that, establishment Republicans were wary of supporting Moore in the GOP primary. Many endorsed Luther Strange, who had been appointed to sit in the open Senate seat until the special election to replace Jeff Sessions after his…

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3D Reefs – Marine ecology and conservation

I work to understand and conserve ecosystems into the future. I have a PhD in Spatial and Quantitative Marine Ecology from the University of Queensland (Supervised by Prof. Peter Mumby). My expertise in marine ecology and conservation developed from the urge to understand drivers of ecosystem change. This urge evolved into a multidisciplinary set of skills, spanning extensive fieldwork, 3D remote sensing and advanced statistical modeling.

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North Korea Is No Longer the Hermit Kingdom — but How Long Will China Be Its Lifeline? – The New York Times

Down the street from my home in Bangkok, next to a tailor and a nail salon, sits a peculiar outpost of the North Korean state. Inside the Pyongyang Okryu restaurant, five tall, pale waitresses float among the tables in sparkly dresses and carefully cultivated smiles. “Are they really North Korean?” my wide-eyed young son asked, a bit too loudly, on a recent visit. He’d been reading about the country’s isolation and the fusillade of insults and threats exchanged by President Trump and Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader. A waitress overheard him and nodded, but her blank smile — a rictus of nonrevelation — never wavered.

How one Northern California winemaker is coping with the catastrophic wildfires – LA Times

On Tuesday, with devastation all around him, and without knowing what else to do, Siduri Winery’s Adam Lee walked 2½ miles to his winery in Santa Rosa.Lee walked through the Coffey Lane neighborhood. What he saw stunned him. Where once there had been houses, now lay smoldering piles of rubble and ash, skeletons of cars and charred trees. Nearby, a Hilton Hotel, the historic Round Barn, the Fountaingrove Inn and several shops lay in ruins.

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The Hanson effect: how hate seeps in and damages us all

Such hair as I have is cut from time to time by Mrs E, who runs a one-chair salon in my neighbourhood.She has been in business there for 40 years. She knows all about the history of the street and many of her clients have been coming to her for half a lifetime. The salon is shut on Mondays, when she cuts the hair of the elderly and disabled in various local institutions.

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Friday essay: the cultural meanings of wild horses

I am walking quietly through the forest. As I reach the edge of the trees there is a snort and a staccato of hoofbeats, and four horses materialise only metres in front of me: a foal, two mares and a dark stallion. The stallion, ears pricked, tosses his head and prances forward. As I crouch to pick up a branch, the stallion wheels and gallops off with the group. They hurdle an old stock fence, and almost as soon as their hoofs touch down, another big grey stallion comes towards them over the hill.

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